The Herb Kitchen: Chapter 5

In the spring of 2018, Dan & Will of The Herb Kitchen hosted their first chapter of ‘Stories’.

They wanted to create a platform to showcase the talented people that work behind the scenes of the food industry by documenting and sharing the work of farmers, fishermen, chefs and artisan producers, highlighting how they skilfully respect and work alongside nature. By doing so, creating exceptional produce in the most sustainable way.

The aim is to celebrate the amazing work of these important, skilled people through a series of events. Each chapter begins with a place, product or person. Inspired by these elements and using local and seasonal ingredients, they create unique collaborative events designed to bring people together.

Throughout the winter months artist Kat Wood has raised two Gloucestershire old spots on a hill farm in the Peak District National Park. The pigs have been fed entirely on locally sourced by-products; bruised apples from local orchards, carrots that didn't make the supermarket grade, a surplus of sprouts left over from Christmas and Track Brewery’s spent grains. 

The pigs have been kept on a site that was overgrown with nettles and root and through the course of the winter they have cleared the way for a wildflower meadow and crops to be planted come spring. The wildflower meadow will benefit the two hives of buckfast bees that are kept on the farm. 

The idea behind this project is simple; back to basics. Until the 1930s, it was commonplace for rural households to have a pig or two. They were valued for their ability to convert inedible food into meat, and were often fed on a diet of household food waste. Once they had grown to the correct weight, the slaughtering was a moment of community and celebration.

Alongside this, Manchester Urban Diggers have grown 108 lettuces on their site, The Landing, for the event. 

On Sunday the 12th of April 2020, we will be celebrating the life of the pigs and the opening of a community garden on the roof of the Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport. The community garden is a project founded by Manchester Urban Diggers and Where The Light Gets In. 

Tickets are available otd, this is a pay how you feel event. 

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