lovely morning spent at @iscawine using the shop’s shutter as a large scale camera shutter, exposing the still lives onto light sensitive paper made from recycled coffee cups. Very excited for this space to open!

collecting the pigs

Yesterday I visited Liz’s farm across the valley and purchased two Gloucestershire Old Spots. Throughout the project, I will be using surplus
produce from farms and local businesses in an attempt to feed the piglets entirely on what would
usually be waste. This includes spent grains from Track brewery, wonky carrots that don’t
meet the supermarket standards and bruised apples from the local orchard. One pig will be sold
for a profit of which the money will be returned to the farm and the excess bone will be used to
develop gelatine photographic prints. The second animal will be used in a hog roast for a
community based meal— inviting all of the people within the community who have contributed to
the project and the fattening of the pigs. 

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