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Makers Kit- Balaclava

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Introducing the first edition of our Maker’s Kits. 

First up we have a make-your-own balaclava kit! This year has shown a sharp fall in wool prices and now the cost of shearing can often be more than the value of the fleece itself. As a result farmers have began to compost or burn their fleeces. The profits from this kit are returned to the shepherds in an attempt to counteract their losses.

We have also included a bunch of onions skins so you can have a go at natural dyeing at home!

Makers Kit #1 includes:

- Leicester Long-wool yarn from a flock of sheep raised in The Peak District National Park

- 4.5mm on the round knitting needles

- a balaclava pattern written by Joanne Wood

- onion skins to naturally dye your balaclava

- clear instructions on how to dye your garment

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