This video was taken as part of a Stockport-based residency project in which the artist, Kathryn Wood, collaborated with restaurant Where The Light Gets In (WTLGI), which serves a set tasting menu consisiting of whatever produce has been foraged, hunted and harvested to its customers each evening. The project was based on minimising waste; Wood and WTLGI shared an aim to create a fairer price for small-scale local farmers and to provide them with an additional income. During the collaboration, ex-battery hens were purchased and kept, free range, on a local farm. The hens were fed on boiled surplus produce from WTLGI and the eggs were purchased at full price. One dish on the tasting menu left WTLGI with surplus egg whites which Wood used to develop photographic portraits of local free-range poultry farmers, in the form of albumen prints. These portraits were then served alongside the dish.

Suck Eggs, 2019 HD, video with audio 1 min. 45 sec.

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